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A 2012-2013-es tanév természettudományi versenyek eredményei

1. Teodorovits Ferenc Kistérségi Természetismereti Emlékverseny Versenyzők: Márta Petra, Péter Ágota Kincső, Lajkó Borbála I. helyezést értek el   2. Curie Környezetismereti Emlékverseny területi versenye 3-4. évfolyam X. helyezést értek el: Borsos Szilárd Hódi Ádám Nagy Miklós István Felkészítő: Lajkóné Tari Ágnes 5-6. évfolyam IV. helyezést értek el: Márta Petra Soós Judit Szabó Elizabet VI. helyezést értek el: Czakó Julianna… Read more →

A 2011-2012-es tanév természettudományi versenyek eredményei

Kaán Károly Természet- és Környezetismereti Verseny Ebben a tanévben XX. alkalommal rendezték meg a Kaán Károly Természet- és Környezetismereti Versenyt. A házi bajnokság eredménye alapján egy ötödikes és egy hatodikos tanuló képviselhette az üllési iskolát. A megyei versenyt Röszkén rendezték meg. A szervezők kaláccsal és teával vártak minket. Tíz órakor kezdődött a tanulmányi verseny. A sokféle feladat megoldására 70 percünk… Read more →

2012. november 17 – Truck Driving School Selection

Things to consider when selecting a truck driving school


1. Choose a school with a comprehensive training program

Choosing a school that has generous amounts of classroom, range and on-the-road training will help you be successful in a career, along with passing your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) skills test.

Schneider is a member and sponsor of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association and the National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools. Both of these organizations have numerous member schools and are dedicated to training and promoting safety in the transportation industry. Check out the latest freightliner truck auctions.

2. Have a willingness to learn and be trained

Once you have been trained to be a safe professional truck driver, you have the opportunity to reap the rewards of a career like many of Schneider’s featured drivers.

You will likely have to learn skills that you haven’t been exposed to before like shifting, backing, coupling, inspecting and driving a large vehicle on the roadway. Having an open mind and willingness to learn the skills will go a long way towards your success.

3. Use caution if you see “Free Training” language

With the cost of equipment, fuel, building, materials and instructors, there are substantial costs that a truck driving school endures to provide training to students interested in becoming a safe professional driver. Someone is paying for the cost of training. If you enter into an agreement with a school or carrier that does not cost you any money, make sure that you understand the expectations of the agreement.

Most schools offer multiple options to pay for the cost of truck driving school including cash payment, scholarships, student loans, grants and Veterans Education Benefits. Schneider offers a generous Tuition Reimbursement Program that will reimburse you up to $6,000 of the cost of the truck driving school.

4. Look for a high job placement record

Attending a truck driving school is about you and your future. Your ultimate goal is to get a job as a professional truck driver, so check into the school’s reputation in job placement of its alumni. Find a school with a record of placing drivers at several leading trucking companies.

5. Get hired soon after graduating from truck driving school

Congratulations! At this point you have graduated from school, and now it is time to start a rewarding career. You learned how to drive a tractor-trailer safely, and those valuable skills will deteriorate quickly if you don’t continue to use them. Starting with a trucking company as soon after graduation as possible will enhance your orientation and training time with the carrier and eliminate the potential of having to complete a refresher course.

At Schneider you have the ability to search and apply for specific jobs that are open in your area before, during or after competing truck driving school. You can also get pre-hired as a potential Schneider driver before you even step foot in school. Fax or mail the form, and once it is reviewed and approved, you can use the form to secure loans, grants or other funding for school.

A weight loss plan

You may want to lose weight for personal reasons. Or you may need to lose weight to improve your health. It can reduce your risk of certain conditions, such heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It can lower your blood pressure and total cholesterol level. It also can relieve symptoms and prevent injuries related to being overweight. There are several… Read more →